The Right Scuff Podcast with John Roesch

We talk to Foley artists, screenwriters, sound editors, picture editors, the list goes on. 

And for film fans, we’ll be focusing on sound and what it takes to create Foley. 

John Roesch is your host, a professional Foley Artist in the film business for over 40 years. 

He’s worked on over 500 films and is the 37-time nominated and 9-time MPSC winner for big titles such as Inception, The Matrix, and The Dark Knight

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Episode 19: Richard Hymes

Oscar award-winning sound designer Richard Hymns joins us this week. He is a fellow of Skywalker Sound, and he tells us how a bit of luck and hard work took him around the world until he ended up in San Francisco.

Richard Hymns has served as the Supervising Sound Editor of Saving Private Ryan, Fight Club, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Jurassic Park, and many more films.

We hope you enjoy listening to his story!

Episode 18: Randy Thom

Randy Thom is an Oscar and Academy award-winning sound designer who got his start working on Apocalypse Now (1979).  He has been nominated for 15 academy awards and won for The Right Stuff and The Incredibles.

Randy has an amazing story, and we can’t wait to share it with you all!

Thank you to Toivo, a Finnish fan of John and the podcast who helped in mastering this episode. He is the reason our episodes sound so wonderful as of late and we thank him for volunteering his time to our podcast.

Episode 17: Kitty Malone

In this episode of The Right Scuff, we interview Kitty Malone!

Kitty Malone is a Foley Artist with over 30 years of experience in the industry. 

Her notable Foley contributions include The Godfather and Starwars Episode IV. She also worked on episodes of the beloved children’s TV shows Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys.

Episode 16: Vikki Sampson

Today on the podcast John interviews Victoria “Vikki” Rose Sampson, daughter of Kay Rose, who won a special academy award for her work on “The River.” Vikki is a Jill of all trades and an incredible filmmaker in her own right, not only in post-production sound, but as a picture editor, screenwriter and director.

Vikki has done sound design for popular movies such as Donnie Darko and Starwars: Episode IV.

Episode 15: Matt Hurwitz

Happy May everyone!

This week on the podcast John interviews Matt Hurwitz. Both share a love of the Beatles, and Matt shares his story of how he became one of the luck few who has had access to the Beatles and shares some fun stories! He shares his insights on how to approach those who are masters of their craft.

Episode 14: Susan

Today we interview Susan Fitz-Simon, a foley artist who works on a foley stage in Texas.

John and Susan talk about how to reach your dreams as a foley artist.

You can read more about their shared careers as Foley Artists in this interview with Designing Sound

Episode 13: David

This week, we interviewed David Lee Fein, a Foley Artist at Skywalker Sound

David thought he wanted to study Sociology but then ended up switching to film. 

John and David share Foley stories and talk about David’s path into the industry. 

Episode 12: Howell Gibbons Interview

Howell could have been a taxi driver, but when he saw a friend of a friend at a sandwich shop life had other plans!

The rest is history, as Howell Gibbons led a 25-year career in sound design.

Find out how he made it in the film industry, working on incredible pictures like October Sky!

Episode 11: Catherine- Jack Foley's Granddaughter

This week, we interviewed Catherine, the daughter of Jack Foley.

Some of you may know that Foley Art is the namesake of Jack Foley.

We’re honored to have done this interview!

Episode 10: Dominique Decaudain Interview

Dominique Decaudian went from being a Radio City Rockette to doing foley for Breaking Bad.

We start with her dancing journey and discover how she came to a point where she did Jesse Pinkman’s footsteps! Hear how Dominique became a dancer and award winning foley artist!

Episode 9: Jon J Interview

Jon Johnson is an Academy Award-winning sound designer. He grew up in Sheridan, Wyoming and eventually made his way to Hollywood.

Episode 8: Don Interview

Don MacDougall grew up with a love of music, wanting to be like Chopin. He helped to create music for commercials and other mediums. He eventually landed in Hollywood as a scoring mixer. He worked on the very first Star Wars and even recorded the famous singer Frank Sinatra. Take a listen to his incredible story.

Episode 7: Berenice Interview

Berenice Robinson tells her incredible journey from a small town in France, to post-production executive manager for Disney. 

In this episode, she tells us her humble beginnings that lead to her career working on films such as Zootopia and Moana

Episode 6: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

First and most important, John and Sarah offer condolences for the families and all those impacted by the Las Vegas shooting.
In this episode, they discuss the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. They will share how John created foley for it, and some fun facts about the movie.

Episode 5: Scott Curtis Interview

This week on The Right Scuff we interview Scott Curtis, a foley mixer who works with John!

He shares his incredible story of how he has pursued his dreams in the film industry, and how his journey took him from the bay area down to LA and back again! 

Scott Curtis has worked on such film franchises as Frozen, Toy Story, and Avengers

John is very lucky to have him as a mixer, and if you have any questions about mixing please send them our way!

Episode 4: Shelley Roden Interview

This week on the podcast we interview Shelley Roden, John’s foley partner! Shelley is down to earth, hard working, and an incredibly talented foley artist.

We are excited that she is sharing her inspiring story with us, and you will all have the opportunity to learn how she found her way in the film industry.

John is very lucky to have her as a foley partner, and we cannot thank her enough for joining us on this episode!

Episode 3: Footsteps

This week we talk about footsteps. John considers footsteps to be one of the most difficult sounds for foley artists to master.

We give examples, talk about which floor panel or “pit” he considers the hardest to get the proper sound from, make a list of shoes a new foley artist should have, and describe some of his favorite shoes. (One of his favorites was used in a well-known song!)

As always we hope you enjoy this weeks episode and thank you for listening!

Episode 2: Props Vs. Movement

This week on the podcast we describe the differences between props vs. movement. We also describe soft and hard effects, and give examples of sounds that foley artist might do, or might not do. Enjoy!

Episode 1: John Roesch's Story

In this episode John shares a little about foley, and how he has achieved his dreams in the film industry.