Frequently Asked Questions

Foley is named after Jack Foley, the original creator of the art. In fact, his method was so effective that it is still used today.

Even though technology has advanced far from when he first began to create foley, there will never be anything comparable.  Technology by itself is unable to bring to life and authenticate each and every sound that is happening in the movie.

Think of it this way; every one of us has a unique thumbprint, right? In a similar way, so does each movie. The sound library would have to be massive in order to find the perfect sound to fit each shot. And even then, it would not have the same feel to it as if it were done by an actual human. To put it short, the work of a foley artist is the most authentic method to recreate sound.

Directors, writers, sound designers, if you have a story, contact us!

John Roesch loves to speak about his passion: Foley. Contact us, and we can work out an appearance. 

John Roesch does not speak on any unreleased projects that he, Skywalker Sound, or any other affilate studio is working on. 

John Roesch conducts live, in-person and virtual, or pre-recorded presentations for all kinds of organizations and events. 

As we move through 2022, requests for virtual keynotes and demonstrations have increased significantly. 

Contact us, and tell us the date and details regarding your event, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

John Roesch has worked on hundreds of projects, including blockbuster films, AAA video games, and television. 

Check out his IMDb page for detailed information!

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