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The Right Scuff Podcast delves into the world of post production film featuring legendary Foley Artist John Roesch.

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John Roesch: Legendary Foley Artist

John Roesch has been a Foley Artist for over 45 years and is now the Lead Foley Artist at Skywalker Ranch and co-founder of Audible Bandwidth Productions

You’ve heard John Roesch before. His work as a Foley Artist includes E.T., Empire Strikes Back, Toy Story, and countless other movies, commercials, and video games.

His latest Foley projects are still making waves today, such as Avengers: Infinity War and Disney Pixar’s Soul.

Read John’s latest interview in the July 4, 2022 issue of The New Yorker.

Have you ever dreamed of going to Hollywood and making it big?

Well, these are the stories of people who have made it, just in a different way.

They’re the unsung heroes behind the screens that make movies and television come to life.

Welcome to The Right Scuff Podcast, where we talk about films and interview those who are just starting their careers, to some of the biggest names in production and post-production. 

Our mission is to inspire you through the true stories of people who have achieved their dreams. 

We’ll be talking to foley artists, screenwriters, sound editors, picture editors, the list goes on. And for film fans, we’ll be focusing on sound and what it takes to create Foley. 

John Roesch is your host, a professional Foley Artist in the film business for over 40 years. He’s worked on over 500 films and is the 37-time nominated and 9-time MPSC winner for big titles such as Inception, The Matrix, and The Dark Knight

Live Shows

John is invited not only to film festivals and universities, but also conducts keynotes and presentations at corporate events. 

John Roesh’s presentations include:

  • Live demonstrations of  the creation of Foley Art
  • Experiences working on blockbuster movies and video game franchises. 
  • Technical talks to industry professionals or independent artists.