Ep 19: Richard Hymns

Richard Hymns tells us how a bit of luck and hard work took him around the world until he ended up in San Francisco. We hope you enjoy listening to his story!

Ep. 18 Randy Thom Interview

Randy Thom started his career in radio after moving to a town in Ohio before making the transition to film in 1975. After another move as well as being persistent and searching for someone who would allow him a foot in the door, he eventually started working on Apocalypse Now as a sound effects recordist. […]

Animals & Foley

Happy 2019 everyone! Today we are going to talk about animal sounds in movies! Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and mythical creatures! We focus on live action and a few examples from animated films. Let us know you have any questions.

Ep 16: Vikki Sampson

Today on the podcast John interviews Vikki Sampson, daughter of Kay Rose, who won a special academy award for her work on “The River.” Vikki is a Jill of all trades and an incredible film maker in her own right, not only in post production sound, but as a picture editor, screenwriter and director.

Ep 15: Matt Hurwitz Interview

Happy May everyone! This week on the podcast John interviews Matt Hurwitz. Both share a love of the Beatles, and Matt shares his story of how he became one of the luck few who has had access to the Beatles and shares some fun stories! He shares his insights on how to approach those who […]

Ep 14: Susan

We are back with our long overdue first podcast of the new year! Today we interview Susan, a foley artist who works on a foley stage in Texas. John and Susan talk about how to reach your dreams as a foley artist, and about the most recent movie she has worked on titled Where’d You […]

Short stories to end 2017!

John shares some short stories for the last podcast of 2017! We will be back with a new podcast on January 8th! We hope you have a wonderful and happy holiday!

Ep 13: David Interview

David thought he wanted to study Sociology, but then ended up switching to film. He has a wide variety of film knowledge and experience. He and John also swap fun foley stories! Take a listen to how David made his way in the film industry!