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John Roesch

Foley Artist

John Roesch is a Foley Artist who has been in the film industry for over 40 years. He was an actor at Radnor High School and attended the United States International University School for Preforming Arts in San Diego for one year, and he won the San Diego Film Festival in 1972. He then attended New York University and graduated with a BFA in Film. He has worked on over 500 films and is a 37 time nominated 9 time MPSE winner including a lifetime achievement award. He is known for working on The Matrix, Inception, and The Dark Knight.  You can follow him on Instagram @Foleymann


Sarah Roesch

Producer & Writer

Sarah Roesch is the daughter of John Roesch. Born and raised in southern California where she graduated from the University of Redlands with a degree in Sociology. She found her passion for writing after pitching movie ideas to her father, and is editing her very first novel. She aspires to be a published author, as well as graduate with a Masters degree in Counseling. When not writing books she can be found cooking and dining at michelin star restaurants with her boyfriend, blogging about fashion, and off on new travel adventures.